We affirm a vision of a world that is bright for children, who are the greatest asset for our future. Each child’s quality of life is connected to the wellbeing of the community. Together we can encourage endeavors that strengthen families and communities; and propel young people to reach their optimum potential. We pursue this vision through creative grantmaking, thoughtful messages and other activities that enhance our community. 

This year the Bush family has selected to benefit:

The Birthday Party Project

The Birthday Party Project’s mission is to bring JOY to Homeless Children through the MAGIC of Birthdays! The organization hosts monthly birthday parties at homeless and transitional living agencies across the country. Currently, TBPP celebrates in 13 cities across the country. They believe children everywhere should be celebrated and feel valued, especially during times of trauma or crisis. Since 2012, The Birthday Party Project has celebrated more than 6,000 birthdays with over 38,000 kids in attendance with the help of over 12,000 birthday enthusiasts. Their celebrations are more than just a party. They are a loud exclamation point that kids matter.